"My work in the public and private sectors have provided me with a broad understanding of the law. If elected, you can trust I’ll have the temperament to serve in an honest, fair, and courteous way."

– Andrea Woods


Justice for All

Andrea has decades of experience working with attorneys, and as Circuit Judge, she will continue to work with them to promote justice. These cases can be life-altering for the individuals and families involved and Andrea believes every case must be respected as unique and complex. This is the role of our circuit court, and it should never become routine.

Responsible Stewardship

Andrea will be a careful steward of taxpayer resources. She will work to expand the efficiency of the Circuit Court to deal with cases in a timely and cost-efficient manner without sacrificing the quality of the court. She will make sure cases are heard expediently to respect the time and resources not only of the taxpayers, but also of the plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses involved. She will not sit idle and wait on others to move cases forward.

Community Service

Andrea has always believed it is important for her to serve the community that invests so fully in her and her family. Andrea Woods has been a tireless public servant in her community, investing her time and skills in many vital nonprofit organizations, and she will continue her commitment to service as Circuit Judge.